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Who I am

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Well hello there!


My name is Lydia Dall. I’m a 20-something year old songwriter living in Nashville, TN, writing songs about life, love, and anything else you can put to a melody. I grew up in one of those map dot towns, where there are more corn fields than yards of grass, as the youngest of four on a third-generation dairy farm.

My childhood was heavily influenced by my rural upbringing, baking pies with my mom and spending summer nights catching fireflies. But, music will always be my first love. I fell early and hard — taking voice lessons, regularly singing in the church choir, acting in community theater musicals every summer, and was in my high school marching band all four years.

I did literally anything that involved music, and then, I wrote it.


Writing songs became my solace. Working through fights with friends, the never-ending crushes — it became my therapy to process those feelings. Gradually, I realized how inclusive songwriting could be, and found joy relating with other peoples’ stories and our shared experiences.

Long story short — since moving to Nashville I’ve worked in the industry for almost a decade, and written over 500 songs. I began writing full-time five years ago, and now work mainly with country and pop genres. I have more than 50 cuts and over 8 million streams with artists like Tenille Arts, Kalie Shorr, Spencer Crandrall, Ian McConnell and The Scooter Brown Band.


These songs have been featured on Terrestrial radio stations across the US and Radio Disney Country, TV networks like GAC and The CountryNetwork, and on Spotify editorial playlists like New Music Friday, New Boots, Wild Country, New Music Nashville, and more.

The Songs I Write

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These are the songs I've written that have been released into the world.

The happy, sad, country, city, and everything in-between.

Want to hear more? Click here

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Shows I Play

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Life I Live

In 2019 I began working with Aerie as a Brand Ambassador and have loved helping share their message of body positivity, self- love, and #AERIEREALness with  my followers. Since starting this journey I have realized my passion for sharing the brands I love with my community. Think we would make a good team? Reach out below! 

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